Tuesday, 4 January 2011

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Okay back to work for me today. Seems very strange to be leaving the family in the care of the Silver Fox as he is usually the one to be at work. They have lots planned and we will all do stuff when I get home. Might need a scalpel to get Miss T off the couch though!!

I love my job. I work in health care and education so I get nice civilized hours. No weekends and no public holidays. Fantastic that, especially having done it all for years.  It is nice to be able to plan now. Unlike previously. If I had my career choice to do over again I would seriously consider teaching. Just because of the hours and I do like to teach which  probably helps. I  have never, in 12 years of parenthood, been able to come to terms with the 4 weeks holiday vs 12 weeks holiday that the children get. What the? I don't get it. What are families supposed to do?

Now Miss T is going off to High School and child care around here only goes up until the age of 12. I'm not really sure what to do with her for school holidays this year. Hmmm, I think the answer is to be creative in my work. So this is the year of being creative.  This year I am doing study to be able to teach in higher education so this will enable me to work school semesters.  Well, that is the plan.  What does everyone else do? What are your thoughts on juggling work and children? Any tricks up your sleeves?....

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  1. Fortunately, Martha, I don't have the problem about childcare any more, as my two daughters are well grown. When they were growing up, I was very lucky in that I was able to work from 9 a.m. - 3 p.m., so I was always there when they arrived home from school. My parents used to look after them during school holidays, so I was very, very lucky. Hope you get something sorted out, because I know it can be a bit of a worry.

  2. I only used childcare (a lovely retired peadiatric nurse for a Nanny) when i had one & i was straight out of Uni working in the oil industry. Then i had twins & happily retired with my 2 degrees & 3 little girls aged 26. I haven't looked back, started my own business from home & had a boy, who is now 7 & have never had to worry about childcare, babysitters or after school care. Sure we're poor but we move every 2 years with the Army & even with my eldest starting high school this year too (good luck) i love being a housewife (not really a stay at home mum when you're the only one actually at home!!) My husband is away (for these 3 years) 90% of the time, so i have to be the constant & do everything, so this is just my life. I have zero plans on ever using my degrees, i can not see it ever working with 4 sporty, social & smart children, my weekends are insane enough with sport, parties & homework!!
    Good luck finding a good balance, i can understand you not wanting her to go home to an empty house, but when would you feel comfortable leaving her home to babysit herself or your other child?? It's a big step isn't it?? We've done little trips to the shops with our eldest home, she kind of likes the power. Love Posie

  3. Hi there,

    What do I do? I do what you want to do- I teach adults. There is only a tiny amount of training that happens over holiday periods so I'm nearly always at home with the kiddies over that period. It's an awesome career choice for a parent.

  4. Teaching is a fabulous career and I loved every minute of it until I got burnt out and had to quit! I am now doing supply teaching and it suits me to a T! The money is good, the hours are up to you and the best part about it...there is no marking, staff meetings, parent/teacher meetings, playground duties...oh and did I say there is no marking? :)

    Good luck with everything and don't worry about the kids. They will be fine!

    Best wishes,


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