Sunday, 16 January 2011

School Shoe Shuffle...

That time of the year!! Un- fun shoe shopping. The dreaded school shoe shuffle. We do this 6 monthly. Miss T generally grows out of hers and Master T wears through his. Too true. Please note Tweenies: School shoes are just that. Shoes for school. They are not meant to look trendy or hip. Their main function is to maintain conformity and remove any notion of individuality. That is why they look like school shoes. And, just to reiterate: white sandshoes look dorky in white because they a-r-e white sandshoes! Oh sweet Tweenies, you might not really enjoy the look of them but since you wear them 40 hours per weekish, they are v-e-r-y good for your feet and posture! And that is what I like about them. But, I don't like paying for 4 pairs of shoes that no one is really excited about. Not at all but such is life... Just remember, they are just school shoes. No use bursting a foo-foo valve. Their are bigger injustices in this world than being made to wear dorky shoes... Now, shoes.... tick. Lunchboxes.... tick. Drink bottles.... tick. What's left? Covering books (shudder) and uniforms.....

Ciao for now 

just Martha


  1. That post brings back real (horrible!) memories of when my two daughters were young, and we had the excitement of shopping for new school shoes. My eldest daughter (who is 40 this year!) still tells me that she was scarred for life by the brown lace up shoes I made her wear when she started at the big school!! (Oh, and the A-line skirt that I apparently made her wear).

  2. You told them and you told them well and with humor. You go, mom.


  3. Yes indeed, listen to your mother!

    Imagine if they had to wear bata scouts and ponytails!

    PS I deplore school shoe shopping too

  4. Aaah, Ponytails! I used to l-o-v-e those as they came with a cool horse poster.. Didn't the Bata Scout leave cool lion prints on the ground? See? They could still make it fun. It is all in the marketing!!

  5. My mother loathed covering books, we were trained to do our own from Kindergarten & quite frankly, good thing i love it times 4 children!! Well high school is laptop so seriously, ONE exercise book for her.
    Schools shoes & sneakers, times 4 children, sneakers twice a year as my children are athletes, let's just say the Athletes Foot sent me $150 in vouchers, i spent THAT MUCH with them this year. At $100-120 per pair of sneakers each, it's the most unexciting shopping spree i ever do. Children are happy though, love Posie


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