Monday, 17 January 2011

just Books...

My children and I have spent 21/2 hours browsing through bookshops in silent antiicpation with the goal of choosing a book each to read. We then spent 1 hour, on the couch all tumbled in together, reading our new books. No noise, just the turning of pages and the occasional chuckle if warranted. I love to read and I l-o-v-e that my children love to read. I have always taken them to the library, read to them at night, given them books as gifts...... Sometimes, we see the light sneak back on at night when they should be asleep but are desperate to continue their journey into the pages of their chosen adventure. Can't really get cross at that now can you?

I have chosen Conversations With God by Neale Walsch as it was recommended and I wanted something to think about. Will let you know how I go.... What is your most favourite book? Mine? Watership Down  about the rabbits has always been dear to my heart. The very Hungry Caterpillar is my favourite kid's book. I can remember loving it when I was 5!

Do you like to read? 

Ciao for now 

just Martha


  1. I love to read too! I am also loving that my boys are readers as well. I love seeing them pick up a book and go to find a quiet space. xx

  2. I am always reading and, likewise, my two daughters do the same. We always read to them when they were little. I am delighted to say my eldest granddaughter (13) loves reading, and my 2 year old grandson and my 1 year old granddaughter already love looking at books and being read to. I'm with you on The Hungry Caterpillar and, also, they all liked the Gruffalo.

  3. I love, love, love that you're readers!
    The image of you all tumbled together turning pages is precious and one that I'd love to be able to replicate.

    Watership Down was also one of my favourites from childhood as was Bridge To Terabithia.

    In more recent times I've enjoyed such an eclectic mismatch of titles, but my favourite from 2010 was a simple little story "The Housekeeper and The Professor" by Yoko Agawa.
    My favourite children's book of the past year was definitely "All Through The Year" by Jane Godwin.

    I've set the challenge this year to read 52 books - hopefully one per week and you've inspired me to put a button in my sidebar "I'm Currently Reading" off to do that now,

    Felicity x

  4. What a lovely outing together and your description of you all reading away quietly made me smile. How wonderful your children love books so much - I hope my Grace will be like this when she's older. I too am a bookworm and love a good book that you 'can't put down'. Enjoy your week x

  5. I have just one warning for you :) ~ we taught both of our girls to LOVE books. And we have helped them carry cases and cases and cases of books up three flights of stairs, when they moved into their own apartment. Beware . . .



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