Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Light Delight...

I had something like this in mind but in more of a drum-shape...
We thought we would add a light to our kitchen island to give, well, more light! I have been drooling with envy at some of your ideas. I would have loved a nice shade over the dining table but it would mean everything was a bit off centre and THAT would have been annoying really wouldn't it? So, it was that the Silver Fox came up with the idea of having a nice light over the island. "Great idea Silver Fox" I said and then the fun began. Fun because I had been enlightened by all your beautiful blogs and he, well, had not.... Our ideas were different. I could see two big drum shades, maybe in silver, hanging oh-so-symmetrically. Apparently wiring meant that we could only have 1 light. Now we cook on the island like, a-l-l the time, so it also needed to be something that could be easily cleaned. So the journey began...
Bit small to have just one over our island...
So, back to the drawing board... We wanted something to give light plus to define the space plus to be classical and not date (or rust!) This is the space before and after:
No light. Kitchen a bit dark over the island just with down lights
This island is quite a meeting place really and we eat here too...
Taa daa! It looks a bit like a short fringe here but this shot is deceiving...
Good symmetry over the bench, no rusting and best of all-gives light!
Job done! Don't those mandarins look good enough to eat?
So, that is our Light Delight story...  It looks a bit too high in the first shot but we have really high ceilings (2.7m) but when you stand near the light it doesn't shine in your eyes. We chose round shades because even though I have a passion for squareness, it would add a tiny bit of detail... plus, that is all they had!!

Ciao for now 

just Martha


  1. Looks wonderful! You must be really pleased with it.

  2. Looks fantastic! What a great space xx

  3. You'll be loving that light when standing there chopping away or squinting at recipes. What a beautiful house you have. Love louvres!!

  4. Looks fantastic Martha...your house is gorgeous.

  5. Oh my your house is gooooorrrrrgggggeeeous!
    The lights look wonderful

  6. Really cool, well done Silver Fox for the suggestion, great choice on shades Martha, that's really classic styling, love Posie

  7. Thanks for all your beautiful comments. I will be sure to tell the Silver Fox... PS: It doesn't always look this tidy!!!


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