Friday, 28 January 2011

Zhush Me...

Zhush me!!

I've had a bit of a zhush of my blog.... I l-o-v-e that word! Do you like words? Does saying some words fill you with joy?  Felicity has a 'Word of the Week' so pop in and have a peek. I could zhush some more but, hey, little steps.  Thanks to Jane for the tips on the signature.  I need a little zhushing too so this week will find me at the hairdressers and taking the Tweenies and I for eye tests. I will hopefully get some new glasses as mine have gone to that 'safe place' I have here at home. Darn it!!! Never to resurface again so far... I feel a little apprehensive at choosing a frame to suit me. The people in the shop m-i-g-h-t give good advice but what if they don't? What if all they care about is selling glasses? I was in a dress shop once and the girls working there were trying to talk this gorgeous girl with a mane of flaming red hair into a pink formal dress. She was quite hesitant and I could tell that she didn't believe them but was powerless to believe in herself. I couldn't help it. I felt obligated to save her. I caught her eye and gently shook my head 'no'. She practically ran out after she got dressed. 

So, any tips on choosing frames? The Tweenies have shown great credibility in the past. At the age of 7 Miss T chose a dress for my sister to wear at the christening of her daughter. LJ tried on one dress and Miss T said 'I don't think so' and proceeded to pick out a lime green number with grossgrain straps. It was p-e-r-f-e-c-t and LJ wore it with confidence. I could rely on the Tweenies advice but what if I come out looking like Justin Beeber? Maybe I will just have to trust my instincts...

 Ciao for now...


  1. Hi there. That was funny, because I've been in today and picked out new glasses for myself. It's very difficult when you're as blind as a bat! But the lady in the Opticians was really patient and helpful and we had glasses out all over the place. We finally narrowed it down to two pairs which we both liked, and I just went up to a few people in the shop and asked them what they thought. Sometimes I think it's good for a stranger to look at you and give an opinion! Anyway, they will be ready in about ten days, so hopefully I will like them when they arrive!!

  2. Love the word....will have to think of a clever way to use it in a sentence.
    Amy (Mom to the Four Sisters)

  3. Here is how I chose my last glasses ~ which are my favorite ever.

    I chose my three favorites. Then I took pictures on my phone and texted them to my daughters and my friend Anne, (who all have good taste). They all loved the same one . . . bingo.

    Hope you find the perfect pair.


    P.S. I think it is horrible that glasses are so expensive.

  4. Loving the new look and the fancy signature, Martha! Good for you.

    As for buying glasses, it ranks up there with buying bathers for me. Just horrible.

    I wear my contacts during the day and my glasses only at night at home! Have you thought of using contacts? They work so well for me - unlike my glasses which India and Sam have broken many times! J x

  5. Oh hello...did someone call my name? :)
    Love the idea of taking photos and then assessing the situation from there! (glad to see you spelled my favorite word right...)


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