Thursday, 10 February 2011

Beasties Be Gone...

Well, I couldn't put a photo of a dirty big cockroach here could I? Image

When I was quite young I made a few decisions about life. I would not:
a) Push an empty pram. I thought it looked really dumb.
b) Sit with my arm over my head with a prickly armpit showing. My brother's friend's mum did it all the time and I thought it was so gross!
c) Talk about 'bugs n stuff.' There was an ad on TV where ladies were talking about how their husbands got rid of flies and cockroaches around their home. I thought it was really embarrassing to talk about this topic in company.

Well, I may have pushed an empty pram. I'm not sure but my scathing 8 year old self would have been none too please. Not sure about the second one but am just about to talk about the third point. I apologize in advance for the embarrassment that would have been caused to the 8 year old me.

Years ago everyone got their houses sprayed for bugs and even then I thought the health implications were a bit too potential for humans. We have never had any of our houses sprayed for years and years and definitely not since our babies came along. But. What does everyone else do? With the hot weather where we live, cockroaches seem to thrive, jive and survive. So. I'm laying it all out there folks. What do you do?...

 Ciao for now...


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  1. As a kid, in southeast Asia, we killed them with our shoe . . . but always hated to see one.



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