Wednesday, 2 February 2011

I'm Not Sure What Happened....

Ikea Malm

I'm not sure what happened!! There I was, saving my birthday money for this Ikea set of drawers to cover with some of my Laura Ashley Oriental Garden wallpaper in duck egg blue. (See here for the original plan)When suddenly it turned into this:
What the?...

You see I was riding my bike, all sweat and grimy, when I spied this dress in my local dress shop window. And you see, well, I think it is all that 'Zhushing'!! Yes. I blame the Zhushing. Because I could suddenly see myself is this little number! (I know that Susan from Zhush will totally understand won't you darling?) I thought "black and white - timeless really" and suddenly it was mine. With 10%off too I might add.

So, before I knew it I had purchased said dress, had my frizz tamed nice and sleek-ish, bought a thick black bangle (because less IS more)  and waallaa! Here I am!
Day 2 after the 'do'

I already had the shoes...

So all I need now is a Function really.

AND, I need to save for my chest of drawers again...

 Ciao for now...


  1. You look fab! I would have definately gone with the dress. The Ikea drawers will always be there xx

  2. Love the dress and the hair. I agree with the first comment - you don't always see a dress you love, but the Ikea drawers will still be there when you're ready to claim them!!

  3. Yes, you do look fab! Good on you. xx

  4. You look fabulous! That dress really suits you and the haircut is gorgeous. Not sure if you are into joining linky parties but the pleated poppy hosts one on Wednesdays called what i wore wednesday. This would be a greta post to link up!

    How are the kids going at school? Hope that your daughter has settled in beautifully.

    Have a lovely day and best wishes for a fabulous week,

  5. Woot Whoo...I Like!! you are definitely a spontaneous shopper..and good for you honey! Absolutely love the very you! Dont worry...the malm will always be around and you can get them pretty cheap on ebay too. Great buy x

  6. Looks like you will be all ready for a Valentines date with your honey. I tend to go for the practical thing with my money . . . how boring. Glad you went for fun stuff for you. Cute hair, too.


  7. Yay! You look gorgeous, life cant just be about the house, the queen be has to look good in it !!!

  8. Ah, so much better than a chest of drawers!
    Don't you think?

  9. Woo Hoo!! Pretty stylish there if I may say so. Love the hair. Good on you. Pam x

  10. I know, it is a strange phenomenon and it has baffled scientists, scholars and husbands alike how sensible dreams can combust into frocks! Don't ask me details on how, I may of blacked out, but it has happened to me countless times!

    You look beautiful! Mr Silver fox has a fantastic wife!

  11. LOVED reading this post. I can relate in so many ways. And you look mighty fine in it! And you can always save for another chest of drawers....

  12. Awww, thank you all for being so kind!!! You really made me.... 'totally guilt free!!!' Thanks!!


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