Friday, 4 February 2011

A Little Tour...

 Sorry, I couldn't bring myself to write yesterday after a night of dread... I have friends in Innisfail who had not yet moved into their new house after Cyclone Larry - it was n-e-a-r-l-y ready. Well, good news! The house stood up to the challenge and all are safe and well... Hooray...

Now, I thought you might like to come for a little tour of my garden with me. It desperately needs hedging but I thought I could show you bits here and there. We don't have much of a garden because we have a h-u-g-e park over the road and someone comes at 7am everyday to mow, water and tidy it. Pretty darn handy really... So for all that 'big' stuff like soccer etc we go there. Here, it is more sculptured and relaxing.

So please enjoy...

Liilipilli "Red Sensations" - Wall awaiting a light and some 'art', maybe slump glass?

 Port Wine Magnolia. Flowers smell like bubblegum!! They hedge up real purdy-like
A Dragon tree...
Another Dragon tree... we have 6 I think...
Liriope - these flowers are a darker purple. Used as borders in front of hedges
Liriope - pretty pale purple flowers
Grass is Empire Zoysia - mow once a month!! Yay

Ciao for now...



  1. Lovely photos Martha. Thank you for sharing. I can so understand how worried you were about your friends, and what a relief that all is well!

  2. Thank you Martha, I like nothing better than a tour of someone else's garden and yours looks lovely.
    Pamela xx

  3. Martha, it is so fun to see green and flowers and plants . . . while we are buried under 20 inches of snow. (The snow is pretty, too, but I am longing for spring.)


  4. My cousin who is usually the object of envy because she works on Dunk island was hoped and prayed for this week because the staff didn't leave the island during the cyclone. Thankfully she is ok. Thanks for sharing your garden, as one who is green thumbless I like seeing what others can do.

  5. Looks beautiful have a great weekend xx


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