Friday, 4 March 2011

Fabulous Friday...

Flowers huh?....
Well, it is the end of a busy week for me. Being a student again has reminded me how much I love to learn new things AND being an adult learner, I can relate it directly to my everyday! Riveting stuff huh? I couldn't have done it alone though. My parents picked up the Tweenies from school/bus and the Silver Fox picked them up from there. Thanks everyone!!!

Busy weekend too! Tweenies are going camping with scouts to 'clean up Australia' It is currently raining so it wouldn't be real camping without a bit of rain now would it? This means that the Silver Fox and I will be able to have a real date!! Did I tell you he is going away soon for work? About 20 hours drive away for 10 weeks!!!  Eeek!! So we need to squeeze in a few dates before he goes... It will be our 21st Wedding Anniversary when he is away. Bit sad really but you have to do what you have to do don't you?

Wish me luck as I have a 30minute education session to teach today!!!!

 Ciao for now


  1. Good luck! You sound like you are really enjoying the course. Enjoy your date tonight and time with the Silver Fox xx

  2. I loved this picture, as I was teaching school when I began dating my husband. He used to pop by often and my wee students loved him.

    Ten weeks is a long time. I have done this a lot, but it has been awhile. It helps if you take really good care of yourself while he is gone.

    Enjoy your date.


  3. It sounds like a very exciting and challenging time for you. It's funny how life is like that..many twists and turns make it that much more interesting..congrats on your upcoming certainly is an achievement ;)

  4. Good luck! Although because of the time difference, you've probably done it by now. If so, hope it went well! Eeeek indeed! Silver Fox going away for 10 weeks. That's quite a long time but, as you say, needs must and all that. Glad that you are enjoying being a student again. When I was going to night school, there was a tutor there who also taught at high school during the day. But she said it was so lovely coming to night school to teach people who really WANTED to learn!!


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