Thursday, 31 March 2011

Invitation for Tea...

It has been such a dark rainy week. I would love to sit down and make a cup of tea.  I might read a little and relax. Want to join me? ...
Let us sit down here

I'll save you a little comfy spot just for you
We'll have a nice cup of tea. I have a 'tea for one' just for you. The cups are h-u-g-e
You can have a nice cup of coffee if you prefer...
Come on, let's shirk our responsiblities and have a cuppa?

Ciao for now... 


  1. I'm about to do just that, then back into reality! Funnily enough we had a gorgeous grey and rainy day yesterday, and the idea of crawling under the covers and reading a book was so appealing. Being with a 3 year old means that is but a dream though! :)

  2. I will bring scones!


  3. I will be there in a minute.

    Pam x

  4. Just milk for me thanks x


  5. I would just love to come and we can share the cream tea that I have over on my blog today! Sorry about the rain, but hope that you all had a lovely weekend with Silver Fox.

  6. Martha I would love to have a coffee from your fabulous looking coffee machine & a chin wag with you on the couch!!!

  7. Weak black tea for me please and looking forward to a chat! Love the tea for one set, I have a similar one in yellow. ;-)


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