Tuesday, 1 March 2011


This is part of my office. I can't show you the rest because it is also where I keep the washing to dry in bad weather and the Silver Fox has a new bike so it is stored in here too. Most of his new possessions are stored in the house until they are used enough to go into the garage. Until their 'newness' has worn off a little. I have had a mower, a compressor, numerous drills and power tools.... The bike lasted 2 rides until it was deemed 'garage material'. I don't complain. He was probably the sort of child who wore his soccer boots to bed. This photo shows my passion for storage. Chair needs recovering. Will get to that. 

On the far left of the picture you can just see the edge of one of our dining chairs needing fixing. I was vacuuming and had put it on the table as I gave the floor a good 'going over'. I knocked the chair off the table and a leg snapped clean off! Jeepers!!! Not happy Jan! 

Have done my first day at my course. Once upon a time I would have been dead nervous. Not any more. Don't know why. Actually the group are pretty nice. It is lovely to be surrounded by adult learners who have paid to be there. Very motivated to get the work done. I am supposed to be whipping up a 15 minute education session as we speak. Hmmmm, what to do? I am going to take in my snake bite kit and give a little session on first aid. Why not? I bet no one else does that AND a beach was closed over the weekend due to 3 brown snakes cavorting through the beach-goers. Now, best go and find that rubber snake so I can make it a bit realistic and adrenalin-filled. Should I throw the snake in the middle to get their attention? Maybe not in case I have to go some r-e-a-l first aid!!!!

Ciao for now

just Martha

PS: Haven't got a photo of t-h-e dress but I promise to take one next time I wear it!!


  1. We will have to be patient about the dress then! Those compartments in your office look very neat and tidy, I must admit. Good luck with the course. Go on, be a devil, and throw the snake into the middle!

  2. The first aid idea is good. The rubber snake will be great to inject a bit of humour as well as reality!
    Your office looks highly organised in that section. I need to get motivated in that department in a big way!!


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