Thursday, 17 March 2011


All my childhood my Father has cooked. My Mother did most of the cooking but my Dad had his favourite meals to make. He did a wonderful Sunday breakfast and his chilli con carne is still to die for. He does follow recipes but likes to 'tamper'. Add a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Usually it works very well but when it doesn't, it d-o-e-s-n-'t

When my Mother got breast cancer my Dad took over the cooking and despite her being given months to live, some 17 years have gone by. Now every second Wednesday we go to my parents for dinner and whilst the Silver Fox is away I have managed to get myself invited every Wednesday. Hehe!! Dad cooks and also makes a pretty nice dessert too. The joy of eating a nice home-cooked meal made by someone else!! Bellisimo!!! ? (Don't fret dear folk, my parents have a meal at my house on the weekend. Fair do's)

Tonight however he tried his hand at making a Mexican Pie. 

A chilli and chocolate Mexican Pie. 

Didn't work God love him...

Ciao for now... 

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  1. I see there could be a JUST MARTHA and father entrant into the next series of MKR:)


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