Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Same Same

LJ (my sister) and I have the same  children. Well, not really the same same. I have a girl then boy. She has a boy then girl. BUT they are very similar!!! Our eldest's are both blonde with blue eyes. Bit strange as both sets of parents are dark haired with brown or hazel eyes. Both are bright wee things, a bit anxious and worriers...'What if we miss the bus Mum?'. They are both sensitive to colours and flavours. They are both the planners of the families. They have the same interests. They were both quick readers "Oh, good, the book is nice and thick!". Both are diligent with homework, chores and the like. They could pass for brother and sister better than the real brother and sister. They have a sense of order and a respect for the rules. They don't need to be nagged. They just do what they should. For now atleast.

Our second children... Well. Different story. They too look alike and could easily pass for siblings. They both have dark eyes and hair and olive skin. They are our 'honesty' children. They sort of, well, get right to the crux of the situation. They see it how it is and say what they think. Usually, they are right, absolutely right. They are a very good judge of character. They are stubborn. When they set their mind to something, that is it. No point trying to change them. No use. 

As they live a short 12 hours drive from us contact is limited to about 4-5 times per year but they tumble in together secure with the knowledge that they are family.

Life sure is going to be interesting...

Ciao for now...

just Martha

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  1. That is so interesting, Martha. I have four brothers and sisters. All of our first borns have dark hairs, our second borns had light hair and it was repeated again, for those that had more kids. (I only have two.)
    And they do look like sisters and brothers, instead of cousins. Fun.



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