Monday, 28 March 2011

What a Hoot!...

I have developed a passion for owls. I think it started by watching Harry Potter and seeing Hedgewig. She was such a beautiful white owl. So I seem to have a small collection now and growing larger. Want to see? 
Also with a beautiful candle of Gardenia

Ciao for now...


  1. They are soooo cute. Nicest ones I have seen.

    Have a wonderful day
    Pam x

  2. Oooh I love an owl collection! Domayne do a lot of owl stuff too. I was devastated when my little one knocked over and smashed my owl vase. It was my favourite! xx

  3. What a lovely little ensemble together. Owls are rather sweet with their big eyes, and lovely feathers.

  4. A lovely little parliament!
    Have you read Sonia O'Brien's book "Wesley the Owl"? I think you might enjoy it.

    xx Felicity

  5. When we lived in the UK we used to have an owl for a nocturnal neighbour. I was very fond of her. I hadn't thought of her in a long time. Lovely ornaments x

  6. I saw these in Bed Bath n Table today. I love owls..We have nursed a couple of owls on our farm, they are so gorgeous.
    Rebecca x


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