Tuesday, 26 April 2011



As usual time is fleeting.... Today is the Silver Fox's last day and even with his 'Man Flu' he has been a delight. Being a dedicated wife I drove and drove yesterday looking for an open pharmacy on Easter Monday/Anzac Day. After about an hour... success!!! Some special 'Man Flu' tablets and the difference was noticeable. Still we spent the day relaxing with a bit of James Bond and The Bourne Identity series. It was raining so it helped to snuggle on the couch and I whipped up some leftovers for lunch.

Today we will buy him some shorts that don't fall down (7 kg weight loss whilst away - how rude!!) and catch up with my parents for a meal. All this time away means his tolerance is a bit low for answering the same questions over and over....  Tomorrow he boot scoots off again to catch the train at 5.30am.

What does the future hold with regards to work? Perhaps another 2 month stint then a ......... 6 month stint! Yowza!! It is his birthday this weekend coming so he will be all alone. I could try to smuggle a present back for him but all he brought back was his laptop! Boys, got to love them. I couldn't live without my handbag!!!

So dear Bloggers take care. I will be having a giveaway soon to celebrate my 300th post so stay tuned!!!

Ciao for now...

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  1. Oh poor Martha! That is a huge stint! Is this going to be ongoing?
    Enjoy your last hours together....I think I have man flu too!


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