Saturday, 30 April 2011

Weekend Ahead...

 I'm going to need somewhere beautiful to relax this weekend. For a while. I am finishing my fitness Challenge with an iron-man competition - kayaking, swimming (this is in the creek so I might miss this and do an extra run), running, circuit training and bike riding for 2 hours and then presentations. Probably won't win anything this time but feel f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c!!! Yay!! To celebrate I am going to buy one of these...

It is a tree for jewellery and Jane from Life on Planet Baby posted about these when she went to the Salamanca markets and was kind enough to find me the link... Isn't she heavenly?

Miss T is turning 13 and celebrating by having 5 friends sleeping over. I will take them to a restaurant where they can order their own food and sit at their own table. I'll be there but at another table with Master T - sort of like a date. Miss T wants to make a music video with her friends so best charge up the camera and get out the earplugs. She also wants to do makeup so need to get some that won't cause allergies... I'm sure there won't be much sleeping...

Sunday is the Silver Fox's birthday which he will spend away! I think a Skype linkup is in order but it won't be the same will it? He wants an IPhone so is shopping around for a good deal. Miss T's 
 friends will go home after a cooked breakfast with a little bag of goodies. Last year I bought them pjs but this year cute notebooks are the go. Then... we go rock climbing in an indoor climbing centre. Master T is meeting his best friend for a late birthday present and Miss T will take one of her friends. I think an early night will be needed after this so I won't get a chance to pick up a dress currently on sale at Diana Ferrari (Pamela Wrap Dress)

 Trust your weekend will be wonderful...

 Ciao for now...


  1. Well you are going to need that chair to collapse into alright!
    I feel exhausted just thinking about your challenge!
    I have just started the C25K challenge - week one, time to ditch all of my vile habits and reinvent!

    You must be looking amazing Martha! have lovely weekend

  2. Wow Marthaa, you go girl. Good luck and enjoy yourself. Mimi xx

  3. Oh, Martha, good for you for treating yourself to that little beauty! And thanks for the sweet mention as well. What a full weekend you've had. I'm tired just reading about it! J x


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