Sunday, 1 May 2011


My sweet girl when she was nearly 6! Happy Birthday Miss T

We have survived the sleep over. Dinner was a lovely affair at a local restaurant and the girls had their own table and ordered for themselves. They only received a few 'hairy eyeballs' for their behaviour - chopstick-drumsticks x 6 sort of draws attention. We had it all - music, dancing, water fight, movies, eating..... bed at 1.30am, sleep at 3amish. There will be a few tired bodies today. Now: rock climbing!! Just going to turn the stereo so we can ring the Silver Fox for his birthday. He is working today poor thing...
Have a lovely Sunday everyone..

 Ciao for now...



  1. You are an awesome mom, Martha. Creating a fun party even when your honey is away. I am sorry you can't be with him on his birthday.


  2. Oh Happy Birthday Miss T... sounds like the kiddies had a great time... and hey what's wrong with chopstick/drumsticks.. haha I remember I drove my mother nuts when I was that age..

    Have a great sunday.. and thanks for entering my giveaway ciao xxx Julie

  3. Happy birthday Miss T. Gosh, you certainly had the works for them, Martha. Happy Birthday to Silver Fox as well, and I'm really sorry that you won't be together on his birthday. Really cute photo of Miss T by the way!

  4. Happy birthday in your household. OMG, my mother would let me have like 20 girls over for sleep overs, WHAT was she thinking & i'm the youngest, did she not learn?? Last big one i remember a door came off its hinges, seriously. You're a champion, love Posie


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