Saturday, 2 April 2011



Well, we have a gorgeous weekend down here. The Silver Fox arrived home yesterday at 4pm looking exhausted and skinny!! I think he has lost about 7 kg from working hard and perhaps not eating enough. Hmmm, lucky it is not forever!! It was quite surreal to have him standing in the kitchen having a chat. I have missed him so much. He has had lots of hugs and smooches. Kiddies are very excited to have him back. Master T and SF are off to see Nitro Circus tonight which was Master T's birthday gift. Then SF is away again on Sunday at 11am. Not long enough but very much appreciated. He has whizzed off for a haircut and to buy some aftershave then I am taking us all out to lunch. As a family. 

It is great to appreciate the everyday... 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone

 Ciao for now...


  1. You have such a lovely sweet attitude . . . which I am sure your husband appreciates. So glad you are enjoy time together.


  2. Yeah for happy days together.
    I'm sure you will savour every element of your lunch and the rest of your time together.

    Happy hugs to you sweet pea!

    x Felicity

  3. You're a lucky lady, but i get to see my husband in 2 weeks, for a whole 10 days, so excited!! Then another month apart. It all builds slowly for when he's away at war for 8 months, i have to be weaned off him. Enjoy your Sunday morning as a family, love Posie

  4. He's probably lost weight, because he's pining for you when he's away! So pleased that he made it home and that you had that precious time together.

  5. Over at Posie I loved your Billy Ray comment...


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