Tuesday, 24 May 2011

300th Post Giveaway...

You might win me!!!

Okay folks, to celebrate my 300th post (which is today) I am wanting to thank you all for being part of my journey to date. What do I love about blogging? Blogging soothes my soul and has assisted me to grow as an individual, as 'me'. This is a journey to discovering what makes me 'me' and I thank you all very sincerely for being part of this, for your encouragement,  for your lovely comments, some for your lovely inspirational blogs and all for your enthusiasm. I have learned that there are some amazing women in this world who share, create, laugh and amaze me with their honesty and their willingness to be part of this wonderful, fulfilling kinship.

So, here is the prize!! As you know I am fond of Elk Accessories so one lucky recipient will win the beautiful necklace as above which are wooden discs dyed azure blue on cotton cord. It will be beautifully wrapped and can delivered to anywhere in the world. I didn't want to unpack it to get a better photo because part of the joy in the giving is the wrapping.


I thought so.

How to enter? Simply become a follower and leave me a comment about what blogging means to you, whether as a reader or a writer...

Easy huh?

This will be drawn on....Hmmm, let me see. How about the 6th June? Why not?

Ciao for now...


  1. Ah, 300 posts . . . congratulations. Strong work.

    Blogging to me is about community, friendship, honoring my own thoughts and life and winning fun giveaways. Just kidding about the last one.


  2. Yippeeee Martha!

    Congratulations on your persistence and thank you for all that you have done to make my world a brighter place through your posts and your generous comments and emails.

    Blogging is a constant source of amazement to me particularly in its capacity to connect like-minded people from all around the world and to both shrink and expand my world view.

    xx to you gorgeous lady.

  3. 300! Wowsers, that means I have done a lot of popping in!!
    I love your posts Martha, the topics are diverse and i feel like a have a good friend over here . Would love to be a part of your giveaway! xxxx

  4. Oh, Martha, huge congrats on such a milestone - that's about twice as many as me so I'm extremely impressed! I'm so delighted to have found you in the vastness of Blogland, my friend. Blog on!

    I can't imagine my life without blogging now. I am constantly blown away by the kind-heartedness of complete strangers who know more about me than my closest friends! J x

  5. Congrats on your 300 posts! You are a blogging machine.

    Like Jane above, I don't know what I would do without blogging! I thought that it was consuming too much of time and that I should give it away but I couldn't! I missed everyone far too much. Glad to see I'm not the only one!

    I love elk stuff. I have a necklace from about 2 seasons ago and I still wear it and receive heaps of compliments on it.

    Well, I'd better go and keep working on dinner...

    Best wishes,

  6. Wow 300 posts! Blogging is such fun and it has opened up a whole other world of ideas, inspiration and wonderful people who support and encourage each other. I would love to be part of your gorgeous give away - thank you! ;-)

  7. As a novice blog follower, I found myself examining my motives for this fresh interest. It is naïve to imagine it holds some voyeuristic attraction, but rather the appeal runs far deeper, and on contemplation, I found the answer to be quite apparent.

    In the mainstream of life, things become smudgy. We go through the motions, but rarely take the time to articulate and reflect on our thoughts and experiences, leaving behind a trail of lost opportunities. An insightful blog offers us the chance to stop and reflect and unravel our thoughts as contemplated in the author’s message, and reminds us of our shared humanity with its vulnerabilities and sensibilities, inspirations and dreams….to consolidate the true essence of life itself….which gives us time to stop and pause and smell the roses…
    Keep going Martha. Your blogging is spot-on!

  8. The above comment is from the effervescent Ms El who was having so much trouble commenting that I have done it for her under my name. Very eloquent Ms El!!

  9. I would love to enter your fabulous giveaway. Congrats on your 300th post. X

  10. A big congrats again, and yes blogger has been preventing me leaving comments over the last
    Interesting to learn what everyone gets out of their blogging experience. I think overall, the sense of community, sharing and inspiration is amazing.
    Gorgeous giveaway!!

  11. Congratulations on your 300th post. Blogging to me has become part of my life that I just love and crave. The beautiful comments I have received just make my day. Mimi xx

  12. Happy 300, congratulations!! Gorgeous necklace, someone super lucky will be hanging that around their neck shortly. Love Posie


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