Monday, 23 May 2011

The Silver Fox Has Left The Building...

The Silver Fox in incognito...

Well, the Silver Fox has left the building folks, so it is back to us being just three. Master T has decided he wants to sleep in his bed tonight which is a bummer as I sleep better knowing there is slow steady breathing near me. I hope he changes his mind so I can sleep however maybe it is time to face my reality. The Tweenies are very excited because I bought 'fake' potato for Miss T as she went camping on the weekend and didn't end up using. They can't wait for dinner. Bit sad really isn't it? We h-a-t-e-d fake potatoes as kids and because my Dad was a super-dooper-potato-masher, we thought they were fake and wouldn't eat them. My Mum used to drag us to the rubbish bin in frustration and show us the peelings. I don't think we were convinced even then. 

Miss T had a Scout camp all weekend and even the thought of her Daddy being here wasn't enough for her to change her mind and not go. Even Winter and the cold and camping couldn't dissuade her. She had a wonderful time when I text her asking if all was going well, "Heck yeh" was the response. Says it all. Even pulling two ticks off the back of her neck when she got home didn't freak her out. Oh my, how she is growing up.

So best scoot off and do some trick 'cooking'. Give away this week so stay tuned and then I have decided to have a sleepover for my friends. Sounds like fun? Heck yeh!!!!

 Ciao for now...


  1. Silver sexy fox!!!
    Hope you enjoyed your anniversary. need i really ask that LOL!
    Isn't Scouts just fantastic - we have two cubs and one scout and Mr G is a cub leader!

  2. Oh well check him out, what a great look, does he mask-up often?? My husband left today too, sigh, no husband for 7-8 weeks. I miss him already, we had 9 days together this 'reunion visit' - how awful does that sound?? Love Posie

  3. A sleepover for your girlfriends certainly does sound like fun!! Book me a place please!!

  4. I just caught sight of your kitchen in the sidebar and must say it doesn't strike me as a place that fake potatoes would feel comfortable - good luck with that.
    The mention of processed potatoes reminded me of some of the meals that I've been reading about in Jessica Watson's memoir of her round the world trip. She got hers out of a can and fried them up.

    Guess what I'm making for our evening meal? Bangers and mash [I hope you've seen 'Get Him To The Greek' so you'll know the song that I'll be singing as I cook this hearty little meal tonight.].

    xx to you and big tick for SF for his audition outfit for the Aussie Version of the straight Village People - now that would be a Heck Yeah! moment!


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