Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Mr Nobody Strikes Again...


In our house at the moment we have a 'Mystery Pooper' who doesn't flush the toilet. Mr Nobody is at it again. This weekend it will be just Master T and me. I wonder what excuses he will use? Mr Nobody visits us quite frequently (here). Do you see him at your house? At the moment I am trying to teach my Tweenies to put their stuff away. It is doing my head in running after them all and asking them up to 4 times to do something. I'm sure Mr Nobody is behind all this disharmony. Darn him!

 Have a happy day folks!

Ciao for now...


  1. We always used to have a Mr Nobody in our house when the girls were growing up!! Hilarious!

  2. We have a mystery pee-er...and when i catch him (i am almost certain of the gender) he'll wish he'd flushed himself down!


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