Thursday, 19 May 2011

My 21st...


Today is my 21st wedding anniversary. How darn exciting!!! It seems quite strange really to think all those years have passed by. They have gone rather quickly. I have sent the Silver Fox a little gift box up to where he is working and a mushy card. You know 'To My Darling Husband'... sort of thing. Not my usual choice but it felt right with him being so far away. He will love it. I hope it gets there in time. Should do. A little part of me was hoping that he would fly home as a surprise. I still do. He was told me he is flying to Mt Isa today. So I am a bit hopeful it could be a ruse and he will appear at the front door tonight. But. He could actually be flying to  Mt Isa for real. 

I got married young and am please that I made such a great choice when I was at an age where I didn't really think too far ahead. It has been a pleasure watching the Silver Fox grow into the amazing person he is today. He has had a few career changes on the way and it a very clever fellow. We are not a lovey-dovey couple but our eyes will lock in a crowded room and we will smile at each other and we are connected. Let me tell you a few things about the Silver fox:
  • He does a perfect Mrs Doubtfire impression
  • He hates peas with a passion. H-a-t-es them. A little innocent pea... Go figure
  • Dogs love him. 
  • He is an amazing singer, who won't really sing! 
  • He loves cheesecake and will often eat the leftovers for breakfast
  • He is very good in an emergency. Once our car caught fire and I was off running down the road whilst he calmly fixed it and called me back.
  • He gets called McGuiver because there is nothing he can't fix with a piece of string and some chewing gum
  • He also does an Elvis impersonation too but tends to go on and on for days until I give him 'the look'
  • He doesn't watch cricket
Happy anniversary baby, I've got you on my mind.....

 Ciao for now...


  1. Happy Anniversary to the two of you. You brought tears to my eyes. I hope he does come home today! Enjoy your day! Mimi xx

  2. Happy Anniversary! I hope you are surprised one way or another ;)

  3. Happy Anniversary! How lucky you are to have each other, and a love that has stood the test of time. It's wonderful!

  4. Happy anniversary! 21 years!
    You sound like a perfect couple to me xx


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