Saturday, 14 May 2011

Weekend Again...


That was an unexpected little hiatus wasn't it a la Blogger? The week has 'flown' by again and where I live we are well and truly into Autumn. Even with the beloved flannelet sheets on it is still chilly sans the Silver Fox. Not keen on this 'working away' business anymore. I feel like a part of me is missing. Like there is a hole in my heart and it is getting bigger. I'm being dramatic I know. It is our 21st wedding anniversary this week and I am used to being a couple. I know I am lucky in so many ways but I am running out of energy to keep all the juggling balls in the air. Today. The Tweenies have been a bit beastly this week so I had to get out my 'scary' persona. Doesn't often come out but when it does... look out. Even the Silver Fox knows to be afraid of that side of me. It is usually when I have been pushed to the edge and am about to fall over. Works though. Gets the desired effect. For quite a while. 
Am I whinging too much?  On re-reading this post I am. I know a lot of you cope just fine with your other halves away. The Silver Fox would tell me to 'toughen up Princess'. But he is the same. Any tips you can pass on?

PS: Just had a little 'surf' through Blogland. Good for the soul I think...

Ciao for now...


  1. Mr G is away heaps, it has always been like that. But since I went back to work a few years ago, I have had to be super super super organised. So this is what helps me through - marvelling at how organised I am, celebrating the little victories. There are times though when I get utterly despaired and lonely - so I get cross and cry. Then i get on with things. I always imagine how hard it was for wives of explorers, or soldiers in times when letter writing was the only form of communication, yikes!
    THIs of course makes me think of these women and their domestic suffering and then I am happy for my dishwasher and i give my bosch a tender wipe over.

    Poor lonely Martha, is this permanent this working arrangement? Or is it contractual for Foxy? Me and the gang have started a few "dad's away" traditions we use, certain meals on certain nights, early PJ nights, dvds and snuggle on couch, games, dining out etc. Sure you have these too. Sometimes Miss Moo has a sleep over in mummy's bed - boys are too big to see this as appealing any more! LOL. Sorry to hear you are sad. Totally get where you are coming from xxx

  2. My husband use to travel a lot. Now his trips away are a night or two or a week. Easy. What you are doing is hard . . . really hard. I always got especially lonely on the weekends, when we would usually be together even more. I am sorry and hope the work situation changes before too long.

    Take care of yourself, dearest.



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