Saturday, 7 May 2011

Weekend Ahead...


Another busy weekend again... Master T and I are doing a 'mini challenge' at the gym which is on the beach and will be plagued with sandbags, logs, buckets... he doesn't know what he is in for! But I have promised him a juice at the coffee shop after for all his effort.  We then whip up to Brisbane to see the Silver Fox' Mama for Mother's Day as she is convalescing after an operation and we have bought her this plus a dressing gown so she can look elegant whilst getting better.

Sunday will see the Tweenies and I do something together that I want to do. Master T wants to go rock climbing but that will have to wait as i need another adult. Instead we might go bike riding or just have a walk on the beach. Lunch will be the family gathering for a picnic, Grandparents, siblings, grandchildren and cousins for an afternoon of chatting, playing, eating and relaxing. Hopefully the weather is fine. LJ and her crew are missing as they are having a B-I-G family adventure exploring the world. Lucky ducks!  The Silver Fox isn't working this weekend and will catch up with friends so I know he will have a good time.

Enjoy the good times dear folks. Mother's are v-e-r-y precious

 Ciao for now...


  1. Oh happy mother's day in your world, sounds like an ace get together. Really enjoyed Brisbane, can't wait to return. Just spied your last post on stress, off to read it now. Have a lovely day, love Posie

  2. Oh, I so agree with you Martha. Mums are so very precious. I still miss mine dear mum, even though she has been gone now for 14 years. Sounds as if you have an action packed weekend lined up! Enjoy your time with the family tomorrow. P.S. All that you do, I think you're a good mum!

  3. Happy Mother's Day, Martha.



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