Monday, 9 May 2011

Great Excitement...

Great excitement here in our little household. Why? The flannelet sheets have been put on the beds!!! Yay!! Winter is coming and there is nothing nicer than snuggling in to a cosy bed without having to warm the sheets first. Do you get excited at such things? When LJ and I were little my Mum would put rosebud flannelet sheets on our beds as a surprise when Winter started to creep in. We were beside ourselves with joy and could hardly sleep we were so excited!! Winter is my favourite season. I love the crisp mornings and seeing your breath in the air. Although, by some standards, we have a very mild Winter here. Aaah, the joy of the everyday...

Have a beautiful Monday dear Bloggers. Mother's Day whizzed by. Next for us is our 21st wedding anniversary...... I hope the Silver Fox will be with me to celebrate!!!

Ciao for now...


  1. Dearest Martha I love your enthusiasm and although I can't have flanelettes {I tend to overheat} the idea of snuggling up between them in a great big flanny hug is delightful.

    Delightful dreams to you my friend,

    xx F

  2. I must admit that I have had my flanelette sheets on for about two weeks now - cold fish that I am!

    Love them and wouldn't be without them for anything.

    Pam x

  3. I will put Flanelette sheets on the childrn's beds this weekend. I too love flanelette it is so cozy. Am wearing flanelette pj's as i type. Mimi xx

  4. I just planted all the spring flowers on my patio. So it is funny to think of flannel sheets. But I am happy for you, as I love cozy things in the winter.



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