Thursday, 2 June 2011

"11 Good Reasons"...

Not me - Miss T. She wrote me a note on why she should have Facebook. There were 11 points as follows:

11 Reasons why I should get f.b.
1. Because everybody has it
2. The fisrt person I'll add will be u
3. I'll make all the privacy settings
4. you and I or Dad can discuss the hours i go on
5. I'd like to keep in touch with Darcy, she has it
6. Em, Lozza, Bills, Chelsea, Jess they have it
7. I will follow any rules you give me
8. I could put down your email so you see everything I do
9. I will only add people I know
10. I will be more responsible
11. I will be completely fine with your answer, especially if it is yes  :)


When the kiddies were little and wanted something, I would say "give me 5 good reasons why you should..." or "7 good reasons why..." whatever it was. Who knew that it actually rubbed off! 

I am impressed with Miss T's logic, her passion and her initiative. I haven't given her an answer yet but heck, if she is going to follow all these rules by herself the answer will probably be yes. I need to sit her down and talk to her though about study, priorities and responsibility. And it will give me mass leverage should she step out of line. It has been some time now since the Great Phone Debacle of 2011 ($300 over her monthly plan, eek!!) and she showed great maturity in paying off a set amount with her birthday and pocket money.

So, I might just let her. Will discuss it with the Silver Fox although he has only just learned to email so the implications of social networking might be a bit foreign to him at present until he catches up a little. What would you do?

 Ciao for now... 


  1. I think it may be time. My kids are still too young, but I remember reading this article and thinking it had some great ideas -

  2. She has shown great maturity to come up with this list herself.
    We got the two eldest gifts to do the same thing but also had them create a list of possible issues that may come up and some suggestions for how we could work through them if they arose.

    Am off to look at Sonia's link now.

    xx Felicity

  3. My 12 old has just got it and I had her go through the same process (also have had the phone thingo problem too, but now good). I'm not on as her 'friend' because I don't want her seeing some of the comments from my friends/sisters (can get a little grubby ;]). But I know her login details and check on her every couple of days. She's also only allowed on for 20 minutes a day (though I think she also goes on at school). Has worked well so far (fingers/toes crossed).

  4. I am impressed with her well thought out list. Of course my favorite is #2.


  5. Great list! Not many think about good reasons before joining Facebook. They just go with the flow. Have a lovely day, Kellie xx

  6. in my opinion,facebook have nothing to offer to anyone these days...iam considering removing myself from it lately.But she does have some good points! ;)

  7. Hopefully letting her have it now will mean she'll get it out of her system because facebook is not that great... xx

  8. Mr G just attended a workshop about IT technology and kids ie facebook, safety, understanding etc - i will ask him exactly what they said, I can't be sure as I have been in training for 3 days and my brain is full LOL...but it was a really sensible approach that focussed on teaching them to use IT responsibility rather than denying them access...i will get back to you soon

  9. Our neighbour has a consultancy business educating schools on electronic social media/networking & the associated bullying /identity fraud issues. She has categorically stated that knowing what she knows she will never, ever have a FB page. It's scary.
    Millie x

  10. No, no & no. Don't build a rod for your own back, it will replace "i want . . ." toddler war cries with the tween version of wanting to use the biggest time waster in the world, FB. My children won't be getting it & i remain smug in my choice. My high schooler has a school version of FB anyway, they have enough homework & computer time sitting on their bottoms as it is, FB is evil, it's not her or what she writes or says, it's the friends who will freak you out. Even at my daughter's sweet ladies college, the national goodie two shoes rostrum winner got banned for foul language. Scary!! Be empowered, say no & keep it going as dates & borrowing the car will be next, so you can save your yes moments for when you wish to be the real hero!! Love Posie


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