Friday, 3 June 2011

Beachy Life...

This floor would solve lots of problems regarding beach holidays wouldn't it? Or maybe it would create more ...

I want to thank you all for your fantastic comments to my posts of late. You folk give some really good advice and also helped me through  the Great Bath Overflow of 2011! All is well on that front by the way. No apparent water damage either. Blogger still seems to have issues and I haven't been able to write back personally yet but I will. 

As you know I am having a GIVEAWAY which is drawn on Monday and, as one of my requests was to join as a follower if you don't already follow, I am going to put my new followers in to the draw. If you following me? Make haste dear Bloggers, only a few more days left to enter  (if you can that is).

Have a lovely day. I took time off work yesterday to drop in to a birthday lunch only to find that it was today. Dup! Do you ever have days like that? Tell me you do to make me feel less like a ning-nong. I will see if I can make an appearance briefly this afternoon...

 Ciao for now...



  1. It really is a great picture/creation.

  2. ooh i coudn't bear it, sand getting EVERYWHERE!!!

  3. DOH! Yes, that sounds just like me, turning up for a birthday lunch on the wrong day! So there you were, all dressed up and nowhere to go!! Hee Hee!!
    Now then, that picture - mmmmm! Not sure about that, as the sand would get in the bedsheets and get everywhere! Ugh!

  4. OH.. I always have days like that !! they are called Julie days!! hehehe

    So.. hate to have to do the vacuuming here!! although it looks cool!! hehe

    Thanks for your always sweet comments. I wish I could say I would have a shop soon but I suspect it won't happen till I move somewhere new.. Just hoping and wishing

    Have a great weekend.. ciao ciao xxx Julie

  5. What a nice idyllic and relaxed.

    But I don't think I would allow my white slipcovers and sheets to touch all those sands... I'm too much of an OC for that ♥

    I'm delighted to follow your blog ♥

  6. Any house with a sand pit should give over to this floor solution too. My only issue would be that our dog would dig his way into the house in minutes, he'd be thrilled!! Love the concept, love Posie
    PS hang in there with Blogger, i had huge issues (thus not visiting) for about 3 weeks, missing followers, not being able to comment, you name it, it suddenly came back lik enothing had gone wrong!!


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