Monday, 6 June 2011

Pasta Master...

Cooking, cooking...
Master T was in the cooking mood yesterday and decided on Spaghetti and Meatballs. He decided while we were grocery shopping as we each get to chose 2 meals each per week. He then got all the needed ingredients and did the price check thing etc. He selected a recipe and was off.

Mixing the meatballs

Serving up the great feast...

Looking good!!!
The meal was declared by all to be 'bellissimo'!! It was agreed that Nonna's pasta is still number one but his came a close second. Mine apparently was not in the race. Even the Silver Fox got into the fun on the phone although sadly there was no taste testing for him. Shame.
Having a taste test

Master T even lost a tooth half way through but soldiered on regardless. Such a trooper. He stated that his next culinary escapade would be real chicken soup followed by chocolate moose. Can't wait!!

Bit gory - sorry. He thinks this is worth $5!! Jeepers...

I have drawn the Gorgeous Giveaway to celebrate my 300th post and it has been won (a la by the amazing Felicity from Serendipity!! Congratulations Felicity.  I'll send you an email for your address. My next milestone in the Blogging world is my 1st year anniversary which is July. Not sure what I will do as yet...

 Ciao for now...



  1. What a great fun idea . . . fun memories . . . and a great way to lighten your load on the weeks you are a single mom. Nice looking dinner.


  2. How fab to have a budding chef in the family! Lucky that tooth didnt end up in the pasta :) The tooth fairies rates have gone up a bit! xx

  3. YUMMO!
    I love that you get to choose two meals each per week - very clever and something that I may just try out with the Gifts.

    As for the giveaway win - YIPPEEEEEEE!!!!
    You know you've made my bluebird sing bright and bold and I've got an extra little skip in my step....and I haven't had a coffee yet!

    Thank you SO much Martha - I'm very excited {just in case you couldn't tell!}

    Zippety doo dah.....

  4. Looks yummy! $5 - he is trying it on! Well done to Felicity. ;-)

  5. Oh that tooth! That is hilarious! A-M xx

  6. there's a young man in my house who perfected the good old italian meatballs recipe this summer too! must be a good boy attracting recipe. we had it again last friday night. wondering how long it will last, and what i could suggest aas a new recipe to move on to!


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