Monday, 13 June 2011

Monday Already?...


Just about to drop the Silver Fox off at the airport. We had a lovely weekend.  In a way it is nice to savour every moment, knowing it will soon come to an end. Sort of a nice way to live - appreciating the every day - being engaged in the 'moment', so to speak.... Unfortunately Master T was as sick as a dog this weekend. Temperatures (39 degrees C), vomiting, nasty cough. Requiring medication every 4 hours. Very poorly. I felt sorry for him because one of the things both boys were looking forward to was bike riding for hours. Not to be this time. The SF took Miss T to her soccer game. A win 3:2. Yay!! They hung out together for a while. He notices the biggest changes in her and needs to get to know her all over again each visit. He thinks she has a great sense of humour bit I think she scares him too with her maturity. He is very proud of who she is. 

I shared us with some friends for breakfast on the Sunday. In a large muffin pan I cut the crusts of 12 slices of bread and squished them in each individual case, cooked that until a bit crispy then added an egg to each with some parsley. Worked a treat. No sticking, no mess, eggs cooked to perfection. I added some bacon,  oven-roasted tomatoes, baked beans, pancakes and pre-made toast. Took less that 1//2 hour to cook everything. Served with coffee and juice. Job done. I served 8 as quick as a click of the fingers. Highly recommend the muffin pan trick.

The Silver Fox and I snuggled and chatted long into the nights about 'what if' we did this, 'what if' we did that. He is all too aware of what he is missing out on and that our little family needs to be together. At his work they have mentioned his job might last until after Christmas. We will know more soon but goodness gracious me if that is not a l-o-n-g time. He is concerned about the impact it is having on Master T, especially as Master T is in that stage of his life where he needs a constant male influence. Talking on the phone or Skype every night  is the best for now. He is also concerned about Miss T and had a really great time with her when it was just the two of them. It all goes far too quickly. 

The Silver Fox said he is good for 2 weeks and then he is bereft. As a house guest where he lives he is a dream. He cooks, cleans, fixes... he sanded and oiled the outdoor setting before he came home. He says he has to do something to patch the hole in his heart.

We did get a walk on the beach in the drizzle and the cold like above. We also did a movie marathon-family-thing. As you do. Again my petrol tanks are filled until the next time.

 Ciao for now...



  1. I would not be surprised if you all felt you had a hole in your hearts. It is a very hard thing that you are doing. Glad your weekend was so special.


  2. I think I'm not cut out for long distance relationships...

    That's why I take my hats off to those who you.

    Your days together seems very happy and well spent.

    Have a lovely week.
    Nice photo.


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