Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Bed Rest...


We have had an interesting week so far. We discovered that The Silver Fox had inadvertently used Master T's toothbrush over the weekend. This is the Master T who had vomiting, temperatures etc... Oh oh. We are waiting to see if anything develops.... I tried to comfort the Silver Fox by saying that Master T probably hardly really cleaned his teeth with it. I'm not sure if he did or didn't but there are not many words to dispel the feeling and image of using the toothbrush of another. Gross, related or not. Time will tell if anything untoward develops.

Mamma was due to leave my sister's home this morning but unfortunately had a fall last night. Not sure how but a trip to hospital shows nothing is broken, just bruised. But. A 12 hour car ride home might be pushing it a little. She isn't coping with the everyday as she lives more and more in her twilight world of dementia. She is at the crotchety stage which doesn't make it easy for all concerned. She really wants her home. Did so about 1 hour after she arrived. Now she is in bed with a big question mark over her. Tough decisions to be made....

 Ciao for now... 



  1. I agree, the thought of using someone else's toothbrush - ugh!!! Although it's not so bad if it's just one of the children! Do hope that Silver Fox doesn't come down with anything. Sorry to hear about your poor mum. It's so sad to see them like that. Take care.

  2. Crossing fingers that the Silver Fox doesn't get sick. We are all struggling with a dreaded vomiting bug at the moment. Sad news about your Mum too. xx

  3. Poor SF - he must be feeling bluk..
    I hope you and your siblings can come to the best choices for your parents - that really must be tough going. Thinking of you sweet M xxx

  4. I have lived through life with a mother slowing descending into memory loss, taking falls ... it isn't easy. Thinking of you.


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