Saturday, 9 July 2011

Centre Stage...

I have had a wonderful week. Having the Silver Fox back is lovely on many levels. He is quite a star in more ways than one. He has turned into a chef! Yes he has. This week he had made:
  • tacos
  • pizza decorated in beautiful patterns
  • chorizo salsa
  • and my all time favourite peppered steak but this time made with a balsamic cherry tomato and onion side dish!!

Wowee!!! He has always cooked a little but he said since I had been at work all day he wanted me to come home to a nice meal... What the???

One of THE nicest things has been for me, not rushing everyone in the morning. Since he has been home I have been able to just get my own brekky, not nag anyone and zip off to work. How lovely. A little part of me wonders if this is what it is like to be a stereotypical man. Sorry if I am being politically incorrect but I've said it now.

He has taken the kiddies rock-pool-searching, bike riding, fishing, shopping and has been generally hanging out together. It is nice watching them all interact, sitting close and sharing jokes.

And the best thing? We still have a week to go!! This weekend him and the kiddies are off fishing, we have friends to dinner, family to breakfast and then a little indoor rock climbing as a family. Sound good? You bet.

have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Ciao for now...



  1. Wonder and shudder I think - I do still hear women leaving meetings (I am involved with a few committees that meet after hours) - saying I had better hit the road my husband will be wondering where his dinner is. And this would be at 9pm! I hear other pearls too.
    Time spent wondering is time spent not on the SF I would say! Mr G is pretty wonderful he does all those things with kids, he irons (yay ex army!) he is pretty domestic too. He does lack on the Mr Fix it front though and his cooking abilities fall short of SF's - but it would seem that this could change yes!? Martha, let's just think ourselves very very very fortunate !
    Enjoy SF being home..

  2. Happy Days! It is so good to have somebody to share the load with.

  3. Sounds devine!

    May well be politically incorrect but probably not all that uncommon I think!

    Enjoy the next week - and the peaceful cereal ;)

  4. So pleased everything is lovely over there with Silver Fox home with you all. Woop Woop to the cooking! Politically incorrect it may be, but very true my friend!! Hee Hee! Must be lovely for you to eat your breakfast in peace again like that. Make the most of the time left until SF has to leave again.

  5. I hope you guys have a great week! It must be so nice to be together :) I have 10 days to wait, but I'm sure the break will be worth it. Lucky you with all the cooked meals, they sound yummy too, well done Silver Fox.


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