Wednesday, 6 July 2011

What I Have Learned...


 It is my 1 year anniversary of blogging today. 1 year since I began this journey. What have I learned (or is it learnt? - I never know)?

I began blogging after following the escapades of the divine A-M as she built her home and also started to visit some of her favourite sites. It was a totally new world to me but one full of inspiration, ideas and beauty. I had been a facebooker for a while but every time I went to write a little post about something, the word count was w-a-y- t-o-o- short and I would have to edit, edit, edit which took the joy out of writing my story.

I then decided to do my own blog and it was as easy as clicking on the 'create blog' button. I was off. I would have re-posted my first post but it was so tragically pathetic that I can't bring myself to see how much direction it didn't have. However I am enjoying to see how much I have evolved since then so it is a kind of baseline measurement really. As my children have grown up a little I kind of felt like I didn't remember what it was like to be me so another part of this journey is to find out what I like, what I dream of, what I have to say....

I named my blog after a family nickname for me and like the way I am sort of incognito, and although you see my children's gorgeous faces at times, I maintain a veil of aliases for us all. Maybe one day I will reveal my true identity although it is not so much for my beautiful readers and fellow bloggers that I insist on using our alter egos, but those with a less honest focus.

I work in health and believe strongly that the women of today need to take better care of themselves to stay strong and to cope with the rigors of everyday life plus the unexpected 'surprises' that have a way of appearing at inopportune times. I believe women need to be much kinder to themselves and to take the time needed to fill up their batteries so they can cope with what life offers. I will always remind you to do this regularly, and without guilt. T-H-A-T is the important bit. I am aware that people can have public smiles and private tears.

I have a wonderful life and have shared stories of my family and my loves. I am very lucky and I know it. I am a glass-half-full sort of girl and love people in my life for who they are. I like to give from the heart too. I am totally besotted with the Silver Fox and my children too. If you hadn't noticed by now.

The blogging world has given my much more that I have shared. To visit your beautiful sites and be inspired by your projects, re-furbs, cooking, decorating, loves, passions and family focus has given me new purpose to my life with a spring in my step. I teeter on the edge of anxiety at times but attribute to coping as much to the blogging world as to myself and my loved ones. 

The support I have received from followers and your thoughts is mind blowing. To think I can ramble on and  others understand me and listen tot me is so very appreciated. I have 'met' some pretty amazing, honest women and this environment seems to be so supportive and caring. Maybe it isn't always the way but so far so good..

So dear Bloggers and friends, I appreciate this world I am part of and will continue to do posts and visit your lovely blogs, appreciate your comments and hope that you continue to be out there as I continue my journey to 'me'. I am amazed that 1 year has passed by so quickly!!

Ciao for now...



  1. Happy one year blogging birthday. I enjoyed reading the story of how you began blogging. I love your passion for helping women, too.

    Here's to you and year two.

    Your blogging friend,

  2. And you are a truly valued member of this community - the support you have given me and others sometimes it is through your wonderfully wise and witty posts, sometimes directly through messaging - is so valuable.

    you lovely Martha help make the bloggersphere a very sound place indeed

    Here's to the next 12months xxxxxxx

  3. Congrats on your 1 year anniversary.I loved reading this post as my story is so similar. A.M was my inspiration and I also like to keep some what private. I love reading your blog it is always so genuine and honest. Good luck for the future and thanks for sharing your world with us. XOX

  4. Many congratulations on your 1st year blogging anniversary my friend! Like you, I have only found kindness, support, encouragement, wisdom and lots of fun in our little Bloggyland! Excellent post today, and I so agree with you that, as women, we must look after our health and, also, to always try to make some 'me' time. Your Blog is always a pleasure to visit and, also like you, I realize how truly, truly blessed I am with the love of my family.

  5. Thank you all for your beautiful comments!!!

  6. Oh, Martha. Congrats on this big milestone! I love the wit and honesty you bring to Blogland and am delighted to have found you. J x

  7. Congratulations on your 1 year blogiversary!! How wonderful and I am so happy that you began blogging:) I am off to catch up on all things Jelly Shane that I have missed recently. Hope the rest of your weekend is truly fabulous ~ Tina xx

  8. Congrats!!! It is a wonderful place to hang out and meet the most special people. Can't wait to share your next year of blogging! xx


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