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We had a family meeting on Sunday evening about chore, jobs, pocket money and the like. It was a sort of 'what cheeses me off' session sans Darryl. It would appear Master T thinks Miss T is not doing her homework but instead playing on the computer. I had to refer back to the agenda of the meeting (and perhaps there was a little sour grapes in there that he is hardware challenged).

So the main message is that they want to earn money and I want chores done. I did say that one they are getting older I didn't need to remind them of their chores but the usual 'what am I your mother?' line couldn't really be used because I am their Mother. So the final outcome was a system by which we review chores and pocket money on a Sunday evening, write everything down on the calendar including who is owed what and who has money taken off for not doing chores etc... All in agreement say 'I'. 3 hands and 3 'I's and so it was. (The biggest problem is that I forget to whom I owe money or if it was indeed paid so this calendar system will suit me just fine).

So, a hint I can pass on is to include the chores that you either hate doing (taking out the rubbish) or things that really irk you. For me it was stuff like hanging towels, closing drawers, hanging up clothes... Yep, included in the chores and money taken off if not done. Usually works pretty well as we have had this system before. Now, if I can remember the money side -should work even better!!!

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  1. I guess all the work we did on multiple chore charts (many different types) when the girls were little, actually paid off. They are both great housekeepers, now.


  2. I can SO relate to this post!
    Captain V has always given the Gifts pocket money regardless of chores [they are actually pretty good] but we have put the big 'threat' out there that if chores aren't done or if we have to remind them several times to do something [ie: make their bed in the morning] then privileges such as sleepovers on the weekend won't even be considered - seems to be working a treat....so far.

    I also introduced a colour system into the house when I arrived [wicked stepmother that I am] whereby each child has their towels, sheets, laundry bucket, drinking mug etc colour coded for them.
    This has turned "Who has left their wet towel on the floor?" scenario into 'Sally please hang your towel up.' = one less scary conflict = yeah!

    Good luck with all that ensues, it can be a minefield that's for sure!

    xx F

  3. Love the calendar idea....it really just rely's on our follow through and memory of who did what when and why....good luck...x


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