Thursday, 14 July 2011

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I like that dark background in the bookcase. Sort of defines it doesn't it? Sorry I haven't been around for a little while. I have been trying to post from the IPad with a few issues. I can post but it would seem the photos don't appear. Never mind - practice I suppose.

The Silver Fox's time is going in quickly. Tonight we are out to dinner at our local restaurant. It has a French theme tonight. We will leave the Ts at home and have a 'date'. Can't wait so we can chat and plan and smooch. Well, it is a French might after all!!

Off to see SF's relatives for the weekend then he flies north again. He has sorted a few bills while he has been home and we now save over $1000 on our home insurance with more inclusions. He comes in very handy.

The kids have adored having him home, establishing their relationships some more. Dads are so very important and have a different way of interacting really, don't they? He has taken them fishing a few times and they now sit and watch fishing shows with lots of talk about 'jigging' and 'dragging' (or was that trawling?) ... One thing is for sure, it makes them happy.

Life is very good at the moment. Silver Fox is coming back monthly by hook or by crook or one of the kiddies will go up for the weekend. Maybe I will too, but I like us to have 'dates' with our children as it makes them feel very special and important.

Have a gorgeous day all...

 Ciao for now...


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  1. A date with your husband and dates with your kids .. . both so so cool.



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