Thursday, 14 July 2011

Thank you J.K...

When Miss T was younger she came back from a relative's home telling me "God says Harry Potter is evil and the angels are sad I watch him"."Oh really" I said, and made a phone call to said relative to "have a word or two" (aka wipe the floor). I know that H.P. polarizes opinions in the world but my issue with my relative was that they needed to speak with me directly and not my five year old child who was then confused that two important people in her life were giving conflicting information. And hey, even a five year old will take notice if God gets cross.

I have watched Harry Potter since the beginning. My relative believe witchcraft is evil and therefore neither the books should be read nor the movies watched at all ever. In fact, I think she even spoke in hushed tones. To me, the books have nothing really to do with witchcraft. They have everything to do with feeling like you don't belong only to find out you have a place in the world after all. They also represent that love conquers all, friendships are important and above all, good will triumph. The magic side is not the focus for me.

I have seen the new movie, with one of my best-ies. (I always see the movies first to check out if they are suitable for my children - my excuse to see it twice). We sat glued to our seat, knowing it was the end yet enjoying the ride for what it was. So I say thank you to JK Rowling. Thanking her for her imagination, for her drive, her vision and her perseverance when many told her she wasn't good enough. Pretty good life lessons really I think.

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  1. I agree with you about JK Rowling perservering like that. My 13 year old granddaughter will be here next week, and we will definitely be going to see this very last episode of Harry Potter! :( I also think JK is to be congratulated, because they say that so many more children have taken to reading now (particularly boys) because of the Harry Potter books,so good for her I say!

  2. Gosh, I've never really thought about the witchcraft side of HP. It really is just the backdrop. And seriously books which capture the imagination of children and encourages a child to read is never a bad thing. Alice in Wonderland was big on the magic mushrooms...I wonder if your relative thinks Alice is evil too. xx


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