Saturday, 23 July 2011

Simple Weekend...


We have soccer at 8.30am both Saturday and Sunday this weekend. Master T is starting gymnastics at a new club after being out since he broke his wrist last year. Then. I AM finishing my course. So. A simple weekend for us all. No friends, no entertaining. Just them pottering around and me being tough with myself to finally finish. It is just putting everything together now but that can take a while.

Sound boring? Well, sometimes boring is nice I think. You? What are you up to? I like to like vicariously through others so do tell of any excitement you are planning or enjoying.

Have a great one dear Bloggers. It is quite windy here but nothing like the pouring rain  happening down south. Good luck all and may the sun soon shine...

Ciao for now...



  1. Nothing terribly exciting to report here I'm afraid!

    Master 2 is at a sleepover with his grandparents thats being cut short as the poor little mite isn't well, and today for me is more trying to get this house sorted and unpacked (my neverending job right now!)..

    I see the sun! And some blue sky :) I think it might be short-lived but we can always hope!

    Good luck finishing your course and enjoy the weekend ;)

  2. I enjoy quiet weekends. We are off this weekend for a big overnight party for our daughters 30th birthday. Great fun.



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