Friday, 22 July 2011

Wouldn't You Rather?....


This is what I want to do. Doesn't it look lovely? Full of Spring and calmness and joy. All from a meek and mild cuppa - those are the feelings this lovely picture inspires in me. However. I'm not. I am doing our T-A-X. Yuck. Look, I know we have to pay taxes, that is not the problem for me. It is the elusive receipts and bank statements that do my head in and try as I might to be organised..... I'm not.

I stayed up until 11.30 pm last night looking seeking, finding, calling... get the picture? See, I'm very dedicated you know. Also, the actual names on the credit card seem to bear no resemblance to the actual product purchased at the place I thought I purchased it. So, how am I supposed to match everything up?

I know that you are all agreeing with me. Trying to be organised and still spending hours organising everything is a job not for the feint of heart. I do have a history you know. Of keeping things in safe places. Too safe it appears. Commiserate with me here and here  (and here too. I expect I should be embarrassed by now. I'm not you know) if you wish. 

But. The feeling of relief when this is done will be sheer bliss. When 2010-2011 is safely tucked away in a nice archive folder, clearly labelled. When everything is photocopied then sent off to the accountant under the safety of registered mail. When the copies of said information sent to the accountant are kept in a nice safe place lest anything go astray...... 

RIGHT. Bear witness dear Bloggers. The copies are going to be kept in the 2010-2011 folder. Got that? You just might need to tell me one day so I am trusting you to remember....

 Ciao for now...


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  1. LOL! I am SO grateful that job doesn't fall to me! HOwever I am always horrified when I see the state said documents are "organised" in - so much so that it almost makes me want to take over the task.. I said 'almost'..


    That image is lovely - its raining absolute buckets here in Sydney (has been for days) so that pop of colour is most welcome on this drab old day!

    Have a great weekend :)


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