Saturday, 2 July 2011


Busy weekend ahead dear Bloggers. It is so lovely being a 'whole' again. School holidays now. Master T slept in until 7.45 which is a darn miracle. Truly it is. Extended family down so no doubt a catch up involving food is in order. Friend's birthday drinks, a bit of a sleep in, a bike ride. The kiddies want to go and look at rock pools so we will squeeze that in as well. 

We might invite some friends over for breakfast on Sunday because I l-o-v-e cooking a nice B-I-G breakfast. Nice relaxing way for a catch up I think. It is nearly my first anniversary of blogging! (6/7/11) It has come around so quickly. Must prepare a special post for that day...

Enough about me. What will you do? 

 Ciao for now...



  1. Thanks goodness for school holidays when you can stop and smell the roses! Enjoy your weekend. ;-)

  2. Yes, friends over for breakfast - seems like a lot less stress doesn't .


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