Monday, 1 August 2011

Life is just Peachy....

In my family we have a code word. A code word for "something isn't right" for "I need to come home". It is a word that can be just slipped into conversation but doesn't sound out of place. The Tweenies use it on a variety of situations but never in jest. It implies trust, support, honesty and love. It is serious.

Sometimes if they are with my parents and my Mum is being difficult, I know to pick them up because we only use the word when help is needed. You might remember my Mum has dementia and sometimes having kids around upsets her equilibrium and sets her off. That's a perfect time for the "code word" to be used. We don't make a big deal and no one gets offended. It is what it is.

I am hoping that as the Tweenies get more independent they will have the confidence to use it if the situation doesn't feel right. I teach them to rely on that feeling in their stomach that tells them what is right and wrong.

Do you have a code word? The Ts chose "peaches" after one of the Iceage movies. Easy to slip in to conversations. "hey Mum can you buy some peaches when you shop?". I go and pick them up from wherever. We haven't used it very often but I do remind them upon occasion if they are having a sleep over or going to a party. I particularly envisage parties and drinking and driving when they are older. You never know.

Not sure what would happen if all they really wanted was peaches!

Ciao for now......

Just Martha

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  1. I saw something similar on a talk back show years ago and I think it is a great idea, especially as our kids get to their teenage years. I don't actually have a code word as yet but must do that. ;-)

  2. Brilliant idea - love it and will definitely use it when our son gets older!

  3. That really is such a great idea for your children to have a codeword like that! As you say, that way no one gets offended or upset, but it takes them out of a certain situation.

  4. That is a fabulous idea - I will definitely incorporate that into our world! Thanks for more wisdom!


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