Saturday, 30 July 2011



Miss T has already flown out the door for an early game of soccer. She is getting a lift there and back as I have  to take Master T to gymnastics and the time period and the distance means role conflict to the max. This is his second week and after last week he was stiff as a board. His starts at a more civilized 10am so a leisurely breakfast for us with the washing, cleaning, tidying thrown in.

After that we are driving 1 1/2 hours to drop off the tax to the accountants house. Not bad service for a Saturday afternoon! I thought it might be easier to hand deliver that copy zillions of bits of paper or to put the original in the mail. Some things aren't worth the chance are they?

Next week I have conned coerced the SF to come home for an extra long weekend as I am going to Sydney for a conference but I was going to have to farm my babies out nearly 2 1/2 days to friends and was stressing about that greatly. Not that things would go badly but that is kind of a long time to have extra children I think in the usual busy working week.

When in Sydney I am skipping the conference dinner and catching up with my sister and her gorgeous family. They are picking me up from the hotel and whisking me off for a dinner with them all. How heavenly. We haven't caught up in person all year. Can't wait now I know my family will be fine.

What about your weekend? Care to pop over for Sunday breakfast? I'm making a cooked breakfast and can set an extra place... or two...?

 Ciao for now... 


  1. I'm a Sydney girl, if you want any tips on where to go when you wag more of the conference!! I am exactly like you, i don't like farming out my children so i can do a weekend event, as my husband normally can't come home, i hire a proper babysitter (imagine the late 30s school teacher kind) & i love it. I'll come home from a market to children mentally & physically exhausted, a dog who has been walked twice, a stir fry cooking & some amazing activity the children are engaged in. So worth the cash & i don't owe anyone any favours!! Love Posie

  2. I'll be there! Love that pic, I think I might go there too! Hope you had a good weekend..Rachaelx


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