Friday, 29 July 2011

A Hairy Situation...

I think Donald may know a thing or two about hair issues!!!

Sometimes, you would rather that I didn't cook you dinner. The Tweenies tell me that all the time. I have this awful habit. Sound spooky? Well. You see. It seems that I........ drop hairy like ALL the time. And sometimes, upon occasion,  it may possible, unintentionally, sneak-ily even get in the Tweenies food. Look, I'm not proud but I try my very best to avoid 'shedding'. I don't play with my hair in the kitchen... ( Heavens no. This was a big one in my family growing up and punishable too). I tie my hair up. I try really hard.

But I was reminded last night at dinner that my efforts were all in vain. Master T found a hair in his dinner. Gross! He gave me such a hard time. Until it turned out that it was his hair. Phew! This time...

Seriously, sometimes I think I am going to go bald! I wake up with a 'hair pillow'. I know hair falls out after stress, after having a baby etc but I'm not sure I fall into these categories. I live in fear that one will get in my Mum's food and then I will really be in for it!!! Time doesn't change these things you know. Maybe a fetching hairnet is in order?...

Ciao for now......

Just Martha

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  1. Hehehe, very funny post Martha! I have such thick hair that I shed it all the time too. I also tie it up when cooking and after having Will... well I felt like I should get a loom and start a hair weaving factory or something :)

  2. Oh dear, i don't malt, even in pregnancy, my hair didn't get thicker or thinner, my hair is my staple. My middle daughter though, oh boy, she is going to get men in trouble as her hair goes everywhere - think waist long platinum blonde, i can imagine every bloke she works with going home with evidence they work with her or near her or in the same building as her, it's everywhere. Funniest case was when my husband put on a thermal top in Afghanistan & sure enough, there were her long strands of golden hair in there, it actually made him homesick!! My sister used to malt & i assure you, blonde hairs look a whole lot prettier than long dark ones, ewwww, love Posie

  3. It is one of the things that made me happy on the sad day that our daughter grew up and got their own apartment . . . no more cleaning up piles and piles of their hair. :-)


  4. My youngest daughter is like that - whenever she visits, I find strands of her long hair in places! Yes, I do think a fetching hairnet is in order here. Hee Hee!!

  5. Who'd of thought you would be beautiful and gross at the same time! Hair in food yuck I am with Mr Tween!


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