Thursday, 28 July 2011

Dare To Be Different...

Miss T is growing pretty fast. My friends who haven't seen us for a while get quite a shock as she is tall (170cm) and has size 9 1/2 feet. I remember as a kid adults saying to me "my, haven't you grown" and thinking to myself "der" as they hadn't seen me for year and what do they expect. (How I love looking back on my scathing self). I realize now as an adult that is is quite a shock to see this little child now on the brink of adulthood. And, it sort of remind you how quickly time is going and how much older you are.

Miss T is quite a bit taller and more developed than her friends and feels different. Whilst they may get away with teeny sizes in clothes, her height alone means we shop in the adult section. My challenge is to help her embrace her differences. Not something she is keen to do. She feels quite sad at times, not just about her height but about everything.

Miss T has always viewed the world a bit left of centre and I am hoping this sense of self will help her flourish into the teenager she wants to be. There are many challenges facing youth of today that perhaps I did not have as a teenager. All in all I am enjoying who she is. And I am learning to listen and not offer advice as she doesn't really want it, just someone to talk to. We are both surviving this teenage business. So far...

Ciao for now......

Just Martha

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  1. Miss T is so lucky to have such a 'with it' Mum to nurture and guide her.

    xx F

    PS: You gave me an 'Oh Wow!' moment when I first saw the image attached to this post today - gorgeous colours and a fresh pop for our winter weather.

  2. I agree with Felicity, Martha. She is blessed. J x

  3. It's a tough age, so much changes, but it's great she has such a wonderful Mum to help her through. I remember feeling sad about all sorts of stuff and not really understanding why, looking back now it all flies past so quickly, next thing you blink and you're all grown up.


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