Friday, 5 August 2011

Man vs Boy...

This man features in our life at the moment. In a B-I-G way!! Master T is besotted. He is desperate for a flint of his own to start a fire easily. You can buy Bear Grylls stuff at a camping shop here. Hmmm. Not convinced that a small boy and an easy way to make fire really go together. Are you? Sounds like trouble. I remember my brother burning down the bush when we were growing up. The Silver Fox remembers burning down the bush too near his Nonna's house. Sounds like double trouble genes to me. So not happening my little friend.

Master T even got my herbology book out and was telling me which plants we could actually eat from around here. He tasted some dandelion leaves but apparently the roots are good too. Hmmm, not sure small boy should be eating such things. Are you? Sounds like more trouble to me. When the kids were little the local poison information line practically knew me by name. Sort of gives a girl a complex you know.

He asked me how high I thought my balcony was off the ground. Hmmm, you guessed it. Trouble. We have this water-tank bladder thingy under there and there would be trouble if that was unable to take the load of a small boy jumping from my balcony, let alone the impact on a couple of legs or a 11 year old spine!

It's not that I think Bear is a bad influence. I don't. It's just that I know boys don't really think of consequences too much. Mummies do. I don't want to wrap him in cotton wool but, hey, I don't need to be psychic to figure out this stuff.

Master T has been in Scouts for 8 months now and a-d-o-r-e-s it. He gets to do really cool things and is so into knots at the moment. He is due to go on a camp soon and he has volunteered to bring the first aid kit...... and a big knife.

Hmmm, hope he's not a bit psychic??

Ciao for now...



  1. I don't know if I should tell you, but you had me giggling with this!

    He sounds like a real boys' boy and will no doubt grow up to be a strapping mans' man.
    I'm sure that there will be many an adventure along the way and with a clever Mummy enrolling him in Scouts, he will always be prepared.

    Hoping that your weekend is incident free,

    xx Felicity

  2. Ha ha! This is a crack up of a post - the very same thing is happening in our home....Mr G is a Cub leader and ex army (and a corporate geek - i know so weird!) so I have little hope of curbing this and now Miss M is a Cub and I feel Bear resides with us - I live in a world gone mad....But the bright side is, a handful of years ago a study showed that adults who had been involved in memberships such as scouts were more satisfied in their lives than those who did not belong to such groups. The study was in the UK and pretty big....Bear also talks about having his faith that he relies upon after the adrenalin dies down - he is Head Scout and from what i can tell is just a really nice adventure man. So how could this go wrong (she says with her tongue in cheek! LOL)


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