Sunday, 7 August 2011

just Away...


I'm boot-scooting off for a conference tomorrow and the Silver Fox has come home to play tag team with me. Back Tuesday night, he is away again Wednesday morning. Nice to see him though, even fleetingly. A-n-d I can go away and know that my babies are in very good hands. Bliss. I am spending the night at my heavenly sister's place with her and her lovely family. I have asked my brother in law if there is any change of a lamb roast. Hey, you never know!!!

Take care and I will catch up on all your news when I return...

 Ciao for now...



  1. Have a lovely time - hope you do get that lamb roast ;)

  2. Mmmm! Lamb roast. That has to be one of my favourites! Fingers crossed! Lovely that Silver Fox is back for a couple of days. As you say, at least you can relax, knowing that everything will be okay back at home. Enjoy your visit with your sister.

  3. Family, fun, the chance of a lamb roast a.n.d you might get to learn something too! Sounds excellent - enjoy it all,

    xx Felicity

  4. I haven't had a lamb roast in yonks. You've stirred a craving. Enjoy the conference, and catching up with your sister. It will be nice for the Silver Fox to have some one-on-one time with the kids too. Enjoy!


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