Wednesday, 10 August 2011

just Back...


Very good for the soul. A little bit of family.

And yes.
I got the lamb roast I was salivating after. Cooked just for me. By my heavenly brother in law. He is good to me. I was grateful let me tell you.

I was smothered by my niece and nephew. Hugs, kisses, stories galore...

I stayed the night and was awoken by a face at the door in the morning. My sister. So we nattered away for a while in our pyjamas. Like we used to do.
My brother-in-law and I dropped the kiddies off to school and then he drove my back to my conference.

The Silver Fox had come home on Friday night and we spent the weekend together. I can't tell you how divine it was to be away and knowing all was great in my home. Master T said he and his Dad fought a lot. He clarified by saying 'wrestled a lot'. Right. All was as it should be.

Oh, my conference was great too. But family was definitely the highlight.

So, feel free. Take a smile. I am giving them away for free. Take a couple if you wish...

 Ciao for now...



  1. Pajama time with sisters . . . delicious.


  2. Sounds like a wonderful weekend and I'm so glad you got the lamb roast! Hee Hee!! Thank you for the smile. I'm always happy to grab one of those.

  3. I'm so glad to hear that you had such a great time with your family. I really take the weekly gathering at my mum and dad's house for granted when I read this.

    Lamb roast...oh my mouth is watering. I think I might ask her to make that this weekend!

    Best wishes,

    PS I'm having a give away at my blog for Aussie bloggers so please pop by!


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