Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Secret Deal...

Here he is...  Mr "Pig" : original I know

This is Mr 'Pig'. He is very important to me. I bought him on my honeymoon and I am still amazed that his ears are intact after all these years (21 actually - thanks for asking. I was a child bride). He and I have a secret. For every $5 note I have in my hot little hand, I give to him. And, he is saving the money for me. For something special. Maybe a chest of drawers for my bedroom. Remember I was saving up for one before? Remember this is what it turned into?

Well, Piggy and I have been very disciplined. And secretive. Not from others necessarily. But sort of from me. So when I eventually go to count it, I will get a wonderful surprise at how much is there.

Do you ever do that? Sort of trick yourself? I do. My bedside clock is set 8 minutes fast and I still get surprised when I am earlier than I think I am.

Over the weekend when the Silver Fox was eating Crunchie Cadbury chocolate, I tried to 'smell' my way into tricking myself I was eating it and therefore satisfied. Apart from freaking the SF out with having his mouth frequently sniffed..... I regret to say it didn't work. Pity really. I thought I was on to a money-spinner with that. Imagine!

 Ciao for now...



  1. Yes I do indeed, i sometimes "collect" $5 dollar notes and make "folds" of fives - when i do this i kind of become obsessed with it! Silly I know.

  2. Ha you are hilarious....yes I do the clock..1/2 hour early...yep. Love the sniffing idea..could be the new weight loss...program....your onto a money spinner! X

  3. I did smile at your post today my friend! Cadbury's Crunchie bars - mmmm! Now have I got any chocolate out in the cupboard?! Wonder how much money you've got in that little piggy?!


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