Tuesday, 6 September 2011

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When we were young, my sister, brother and I would hang out with our neighbours. They were a couple who were youngish and had no children. For Christmas, they wouldn't give us presents but would take us all out for dinner: Mexican, Indian, Italian. The only rule was that we had to eat what we ordered. They also used to take us camping and hiking and would teach us how to cook. We grew up and everyone sort of moved away but  I had a chance a few years ago to see them for afternoon tea.

The lady had a baby when I was 14 and I would carry it around in the sacky-pouch thing. It is only now that I know what the old ladies were tsk tsk-ing about. They thought he was mine! I suppose he did look like a bit me come to think of it.

This couple weren't married and as I brought in their mail once, I called them both by her surname. They had to sit me down and break the news to me. I can remember feeling horrified. I w-a-s pretty young. They must have felt awful!

I was determined, after looking back with adult eyes, to thank them for being so fantastic to us, for being so patient, so kind, so cosmopolitan. For introducing us to the world of foreign lands through food and extending our taste buds. They saw nothing great in what they did. Were very humble at my insistence that they were such an important part of our lives and assisted in making us who we are today. I don't think they really thought anything of it

Have you had any wonderful adult influences?

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  1. We had neighbors in Canada, while my parents were both in school and we were quite poor, that had us four kids in every day after school, for cookies and milk and a nice chat. The Hansens . . . bless them.


  2. Do parents count? My Dad instilled my love for travel and politics, and my Mum gave me my love of theatre. I think I'd be rather boring without their influence...

  3. My Aunty was a great influence on me growing up. I loved to do all the simple things with her, like gardening, cooking and crafting. I loved life like that, nice and simple with no complications. Leahxx


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