Monday, 10 October 2011



Miss T was exhausted the other night. Totally. She had spent 6 hours waiting in the front of the queue for a teen popstar to make an appearance at a shopping centre. I dropped her and two friends off, supplied them with lunch and drinks and left them to it. Some hours later after, screaming, crying, getting autographs and singing along, a tired Miss T and her friends were picked up and dropped home. She was exhausted, her back hurt from all that standing, she was pushed and shoved by equally enthusiastic fan.

She would have slept anywhere.

What fun she had

And, she said she wouldn't have changed a thing

I chatted to her in bed that night. She was crying. She wasn't sure why really and was a teensie bit irrational

I kissed her good night and she went to sleep.

Aaah, to be 13

 Ciao for now...


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  1. I was like that last night!
    Ain't she cute though! Hope she met her idol!


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