Sunday, 9 October 2011

I've Been a Good Girl-Haven't I?...

The object of my desire

I've been a good girl lately. Finishing courses, applying for jobs, steering the family ship almost single-handedly, going to the gym, watching my diet, avoiding alcohol (4 months now)....


I deserve to buy myself something

Don't I?

Well I did. A-n-d it was something I totally didn't need but oh, so did want

So. I did

The gorgeous book above

Why then, do I feel guilty?

I haven't even opened it yet and it has been in my possession for nearly 24 hours

Okay, okay.. I haven't r-e-a-l-l-y had time and I do want to sit down, with a cuppa and drool over the pages, take my time, and not be interrupted

Why do I have to justify my purchase? Even to me

I do love Florence.So. Enough. Enough with the self-inflicted guilt trip

I will enjoy

Yes I will....

After I do the folding and ironing....

 Ciao for now...



  1. Oh my wordy lordy Martha, you certainly do deserve a reward. You have achieved so much of late you are an inspiration for sure!!!

  2. no justification needed! Have you gotten over the weekend?

  3. Totally forget about your guilt for buying a book. (I'm like that too with most things I buy - I felt guilty buying a mag while on holidays). Enjoy it. At least it is a keeper. xx

  4. Enjoy your book! I'm afraid that I don't feel guilty when I buy something for myself, and I certainly don't feel that I have to justify it!! I suppose it might have been different when my two daughters were young though! Now is MY time!!

  5. You deserve it Martha, I hope you have had time to put your feet up over the weekend and enjoy your reward. Mimi xx

  6. Enjoy every page & then some!
    Millie x


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