Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Family Fun...


Our crazy weekend continues. I am off to a conference tonight for 2 nights, then the Silver Fox is leaving tomorrow. He has done the usual chores from the 'list' I make for him (including fixing a leaking toilet, putting up a TV on the wall, fixing the still-leaking bathroom and cleaning the pool) but we have had fun too. I sometimes look over at him when we are doing stuff and can't really believe he is there, beside me. He asks me why I am smiling. I just am. I like my 'normal' much better that the other way. Not long to go now until we are all as should be.

He has noticed a big change in the kiddies. He thinks Master T has grown like a weed. But. He notices the biggest change in him too, that he is a bit lost without his Dad and realizes this career-move has affected Master T the most. And wrestle!!!! Anywhere, anytime. Master T can't get enough. I don't get boys but I understand enough not to complain about cushions flying, couches pounded and the occasional 'bang, crash, crunch' noise coming from the TV room.

Okay, well, need to pack and get kids sorted for a sleepover tomorrow at my parent's home. Hopefully it will go okay and my Mother's dementia won't cause anxiety. It is her birthday tomorrow so the kids go armed with presents. Being away causes me anxiety let me tell you! I have packed my gym clothes as I am in Week 4 of my Challenge and am 'on f-i-r-e' as the Silver Fox would say. Who would have thought that I would get a taste for all this exercise. When I get back remind me to tell you about my 10km run. I know. I'm amazed too! A-n-d I survived!!

Stay well, smile and be kind to yourself...

Ciao for now...


  1. Hi Lovely,

    It's been far too long since I popped in and it brought me great joy to learn that the SF has been home with his loving family.

    Hoping that the week ahead is smooth and big fist pump for your excellent exercise regime = YAY!


  2. I love your stories about when your honey is home. Glad to know that soon you will all be together again.



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